STOP 12 on the North Adelaide historical walking trail

Greenways est 1938. Designed by the acclaimed Australian architect Harold Krantz. From the late 1930s until the 1960s, Krantz was synonymous with the design of apartment blocks.

PICTURE – ‘Greenways’ Flats, King William Road, North Adelaide (Turner’s magazine Perth 1939)


Abraham Harold Krantz (1906-1999) was born 15 February 1906 in Adelaide to Russian Jewish parents. After qualifying in architecture at the age of 20, Harold Krantz initially worked in Adelaide for Woods, Bagot, Jory & LaybourneSmith. Employment became limited in SA and in 1927 Krantz accepted an invitation from his uncle, Harold Boas, to travel across to Perth and work at the firm Oldham, Boas & Ednie-Brown.

Although registering as an architect 15 July 1929 (reg. no. 128), Krantz operated a commercial art business from 1929 to 1931. While operating this business Harold honed the principles of economy through mass production. As he stated in a 1981 interview, ‘… I realised that you just had to find ways of getting cost down without spoiling the quality, and that was really how I was able to start in the architectural field.’ Awarded OAM.